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FOOTPRINT Recruitment Talk

Have you got your dream offer this new year? Don’t worry, FOOTPRINT recruitment is about to launch..

MSAC’s Visitings and Exchange Meetings has ended successfully

The Malaysian Students Association in China (MSAC) visited United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong)..

Virtual Career Fair 2022, Jump Start Your Future!

The Virtual Career Fair is an online platform for students to learn about potential employers and career options.

Throwback : E-Study with MSAC Series 3

This seven-week online self-study event, with nearly 300 active participants, has ended successfully on 19th December 2021!

E-Study with MSAC Series 3 Opening Ceremony

On the 1st of November, a grand opening of the 3rd MSAC’s online study event was held at Zoom. Let’s take a recap of the opening ceremony highlights.

E-Study Series 3! We are back!

E-Study with MSAC Series 3 is back in a round of cheers! Having lots of passion in learning and socialising? Check out the event details!

Canvas Bag Lucky Draw Winner Announcement

The first wave of benefits is here! This lucky draw event was supported enthusiastically by all of you, we would like to thank you all very much for your active participation!

【Merchandise Series】MSAC Benefits are here!

MSAC latest canvas bag design is here A canvas bag that is both beautiful and practical You’ll be the most fashionable person on the street with it.

Huawei Online Recruitment Talk

This event has attracted nearly 400+ participants. The aim of the event is to provide Malaysian students who studied in China a platform to interact with Huawei.

Hand in hand with Malaysia!

We have selected the patriotic song – “MALAYSIA” by Malaysian Singer Faizal Tahir, made some edits to the song lyrics and made our own cover. e-Voucher awaits you!

Sign up to MHexplorer today and grab your chance to win a voucher! We know you’ve been piling up your cart and aching to checkout, so why not do it with a discount?

Huawei Recruitment Talk

Huaweri Recruitment Talk is being launched! We are looking forward to interact with u!

E-Orientation Event Review

There has been a participation of 1039 freshmen joining in the event. Welcome all freshmen to join our big family, and wish you all a happy start to school.

E-Orientation: Connecting Hearts

Your journey of studying abroad is about to begin, but don’t know where to start with the preparations? Check this out.

Special Edition Booklet Winner Announcement

The winners of《Jalinan·Sejati》Special Edition Booklet event is out! Take a look if your work has been selected!

Throwback : E-Study with MSAC – Series 2

This three-week online self-study event, with nearly 150 active participants, ended successfully on 10th July 2021!

“Jom, Balik Kampung!”

Are you still wondering how to ship your “treasures” in your dorm back home? Fret not! We have a good deal for you!

E-Study with MSAC Season2 We are back!

Due to everyone’s enthusiasm, E-Study with MSAC is back for the second series!

[Jalinan·Sejati] Special Edition Booklet

Feeling packed with a sense of art,
but have no platforms to show it off?

E- Study with MSAC Closing Ceremony Recap

Let’s throwback to the virtual study room which has been with us for the past month every weekday at 8 pm!

E-Study with MSAC Opening Ceremony Recap

MSAC has launched the ‘E-study with MSAC’, a virtual study room programme!Now, let’s recap on the opening ceremony.

Winner OF MSAC Mascot Design

The MSAC Mascot Design Competition has finally come to an end. Congratulations to all the winners, and claim your prizes with us!

CNY Lucky Draw Rewind

To extend our warmest wishes, MSAC has prepared 8 pax of Tmall Genie Smart Wireless Wifi Bluetooth Speakers for the lucky draw winners.

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